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* Broomhill School,
* West Ashtead School, Surrey

Energy Efficiency in ExxonMobil Link Schools

ExxonMobil worldwide and in Britain has a long standing tradition of investing in the community. The company is particularly committed to promoting greater public understanding of the role and purpose of science and technology in business and the benefits they bring to everyday life.

CREATE is one of the UK’s leading energy education organisations, backed by government to raise awareness of energy efficiency and renewable energy, to encourage best practice in energy management in schools and colleges and to promote and co-ordinate energy education and training in the UK.

Together ExxonMobil and CREATE are supporting a number of schools in Aberdeen, Fife, Surrey, Hampshire and East Anglia, to raise awareness of the need to use energy wisely. Schools have benefited from reduced energy costs, improved comfort conditions, and exciting educational programmes, using energy as the focus for teaching and learning. Many of the schools have been awarded cash rebates for installing energy efficiency measures, through the Energy Saving Trust initiative.

“Thanks to ExxonMobil, we have introduced a new policy for protecting the environment. We are aiming to reduce costs and improve comfort levels for everyone, as we strive to raise awareness, throughout our school community, of the need to save energy.”

Jane Johnstone
Deputy Headteacher, Ferryhill Primary School, Aberdeen

“This programme has helped us to pin point areas for potential energy savings and to ensure that our energy monitoring is appropriate. We will be checking our winter fuel bills and meter readings to see if the loft insulation that was installed, with funding accessed with help from CREATE, has really paid off”

Nicola Hazelwood
Aministration Officer, West Ashtead Primary School, Surrey

“We are delighted that ExxonMobil’s ‘Energy Efficiency for Schools programme is working in part of Fife. The schools involved are represented on our Energy Education Working Group. Their projects will encourage wise energy use both at home and at school, in a fun and stimulating way and help to promote good practice in other parts of Fife.”

Osato Osaghae,
Energy Policy and Strategy Team Leader, Fife Council