Transport costs

With £10 worth of fuel the distance that you can travel in a car with particular fuels is

Petrol 106 miles 170km
Diesel 125 miles 200km
LPG 180 miles 290km
Natural gas 190 miles 305km
Electricity 500 miles 800km


Carry out a survey of how students in your class travel to school. Ask people how far they travel and calculate the average travelling distance (in the same units) for the class.

It is worth noting that when buying petrol and diesel 80% of the cost is tax.

If fuel tax were reduced by 30% how much further could you travel for your £10 if you were using a petrol or diesel car?

Calculating fuel costs
With this information, work out how much, over a year, one person would spend on fueld travelling to and from school. For example, travelling for 5 miles a day in a petrol driven car, over a week it would cost about £2.50. Calculate how much money could be saved if the car they were travelling in was powered by LPG or electricity.

Tabulate your results.

Calculating fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
A litre of petrol produces 2.42 kg of carbon dioxide. From your survey results, calculate how much fuel is consumed and kg of C02 produced by your class mates travelling to and from school.

Tabulate your results.

Energy and the Environment

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