Making Better Use of Fuel

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Extract from Energy Efficiency - an action report from ExxonMobil

"ExxonMobil's refinery in Fawley is the largest in Britain, processing some 300,000 barrels of crude oil every day and supplying over 1/6th of the petroleum products used in the UK.

It's annual energy bill is around £65 million, which is a major incentive to securing the optimum efficiency in it's use of energy.

In cooperation with National Power and the approval of the Government, a highly efficient combined heat and power generating station (CHP) is to be built at the refinery.

The gas turbine in the power station generates electricity for the refinery. Waste heat from the gas turbine produces steam for the refinery too.

A typical CHP plant has an overall efficiency of 75 to 80%. This compares with 50 or 60% for a conventional gas fired power station and 40% for one powered by coal."

This case study introduces you to combined heat and power (CHP). Contact your local authority and ask if there is a CHP plant in your area. If there is, find out if it is possible to visit the plant to see how it works. Write up the outcome of your visit including what you felt to be the most interesting parts of the plant.

If there is not a CHP plant in your area, research via the use of the internet and your school library, how a CHP plant works. Write up the findings from your research.

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