Saving Water and Energy

Carry out a water survey in your school.

Visit all the places around the school where water is used. Remember to check the staff room, medical room, caretaker's/janitor's room and kitchens. Don't forget to ask permission to enter these areas from the staff concerned.

Check for the following and record any you find.

Dripping taps
Sinks without plugs
Water leaks

With a thermometer, record the temperature of the hot water in the toilet blocks. The recommended temperature for water at the tap should be 43°c. If the water is hotter than this, your school is wasting energy!

Record what you find. You may find this sheet useful. An example has been given to help you.


Discuss your findings and improvements with the class and present your case to the head teacher, caretaker/janitor and governors.

Energy and the Environment

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