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How many computers have been left on screen save?
Computer monitors should be switched off when a class has used them - they should not be left on standby. The screen saver alone does not stop energy from being wasted.
How is the water boiled to make the teachers' tea?
Tea urns left on permanently during the day waste a lot of electricity and also cause condensation problems in the staffroom. Is this a problem in your school?
Are electric heaters being used around the school?
Portable electric heaters like fan heaters and convector heaters are expensive to run and should be used sparingly.
Are printers and scanners left switched on?
Printers and scanners should be switched off too when not in use.
Are computers left switched on?
Hard drives can be left on if the school is networked and the computer room is in frequent use throughout the day. Snooze buttons on computers should be activated if they have this facility.
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