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Many of these materials can be put to a good second use. For example pure wood waste can be made into chipboard, clean paper and board can be recycled or made into insulation for buildings.

Some types of plastics can be recycled and drinks cans can be made into more drinks cans!

What waste materials does your school produce?

What use can they be put to when you've finished with them?

Those materials that burn like paper, cloth, rubber and plastic can be used as fuel in 'energy from waste' power stations.

Is there an energy from waste power station near your school? If there is, can you arrange a visit?

Manure and sewage can be made into a gas containing methane. Certain types of bacteria do this as they feed on the waste in special air-free tanks called bio digesters. The mixture of gases produced, called bio gas, can be burnt in a boiler or used in some engines instead of petrol.

A gas containing methane is also produced when the material in a rubbish tip decomposes. This landfill gas can be collected, burnt and used to provide heating or generate electricity.

See the section on waste in the Energy and the Environment module.

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