Pupils learn better if they can apply facts in practical and/or familiar situations.

Three of the primary activities use a demonstration of renewable energy as a starting point for an investigation or construction project. The fourth is to stimulate investigation, generate suggestions and evaluate options.

The secondary activities involve construction and experiment, or an evaluation of energy sources.


Curriculum relevance
Many of the activities cut across subject boundaries and so can be used as vehicles for delivering Science, Technology, Geography, Environmental Studies, History, Education for Sustainable Development, etc. Reports that the pupils compile can support the teaching of English and ICT.

Further help
Further information on the topics is available from the embedded web-links and through the websites mentioned on the "Links" page.

A list of UK energy education resources and organisations can be accessed through Openings! compiled by the Energy Education Forum and available on-line.

Specific enquiries can be posted to the CREATE website

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